Open 7 Days A Weeek
From 10AM to 10PM
6501 Arena Blvd Suite 106A
Laredo, Texas 78041

Arena Gun Club classes and training seminars will be held throughout the year in our range and classroom.  We will offer:

• Texas CHL classes
• Hunters Safety Course
• NRA Safety Classes
• NRA Self Defense Classes
• Firearms maintenance classes
• One on One instruction

Sign up for a class or seminar and learn from certified instructors.  Beginners and experts alike can benefit from our various training programs.

Please Note That We Are Still Setting Up Our Classes &
More Classes Will Be Available Soon.

Concealed Handgun License Class $150.00

The Texas CHL program is great for our state. We believe the more legally armed civilians the better. It is because of this belief that we are always 100% compliant with all Texas DPS rules and regulations. The integrity of the program means more than any one card holder. When you take our class we will do our very best to make sure you are familiar with all of the laws pertaining to CHL. We will also make sure you have a good understanding of the responsibilities the priviledge of licensed carry comes with.