Open 7 Days A Weeek
From 10AM to 10PM
6501 Arena Blvd Suite 106A
Laredo, Texas 78041

We have installed a total containment trap.  Its unique design captures, decelerates, and disposes of all bullets and bullet fragments, virtually eliminating the danger of splatter or ricochet. It also allows a shooter to safely fire from multiple angles across lanes, enhancing options for tactical training.

Our lanes are outfitted with a digital target retrieval system. Each shooting station features a digital keypad that allows the user control over their target’s distance.

Our shooting booths provide separation between shooters on the firing line as well as protection from stray rounds. The booths’ large ballistic panels allow our Range Safety Officers and Training personnel a clear view of every shooter for safety and instruction purposes.

We have installed AR-500 steel safety baffles on the ceilings, creating an impenetrable wall to ensure no stray bullet can exit the facility. Each baffle also contains acoustic tiling to help dampen the sound on the firing range.

Maintaining proper air quality on the range is one of our highest priorities. Our computer monitored, climate controlled ventilation system filters and replaces all the air on the range every 85 seconds, removing contaminants released through live fire and exceeding NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards.

We feature acoustic paneling on our walls, which serve to reduce noise on the range by over 70% and enhance our shooters’ overall experience.